e-Identification e-Identification is a shared identification service for public administration e-services. It is secure and easy to use.

The accepted methods of identification are identification through online banking, a certificate card and a mobile certificate. e-Identification is displayed to citizens when they log into public administration services. e-Identification is used in all public administration e-services that require strong identification, for example the e-services of Kela, the Tax Administration and TE Services. e-Identification makes it possible to move between the different public administration services conveniently by logging in only once. For example, this means that when you log into TE Services, you can also access Kela’s services without having to log in again. When you sign out of the service, you will sign out of all public administration web services at the same time. Other Identification methods that are not strong identification methods will also be added to the service.

eIDAS identification

eIDAS identification promotes mobility and the use of public administration services across national borders

eIDAS (Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market) is an EU regulation on the provision of electronic identification and trust services. According to the legislation, all providers of electronic public services in the member states must approve another member state’s identification tokens. Thus, a person using another EU country’s eIDAS-notified token must be provided access to the electronic services of, for example, Finnish public administration. e-Identification supports eIDAS identification as of February 2019

In the e-Identification, eIDAS identification is shown to the user among other identification methods (bank identifiers, Mobile Certificate and Citizen Certificate).

In order to access a Finnish public administration e-service, the person using another country’s eIDAS token must select the identification method “Other European identification method (eIDAS)”. Next, they should select their country so that they can be redirected to identification using their identification token.

Only notified tokens are accepted in eIDAS identification

A token must be eIDAS-notified before it can be approved for use in the cross-border eIDAS network. Notification ensures that the token meets the data security requirements and that it can be trusted in other countries.

At the initial stage, only German tokens can be used for identification in Finnish e-services. Italian, Estonian, Spanish, Croatian and Luxembourgian tokens are next to be accepted. In addition to EU countries, the tokens of, for example, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland will be accepted in the future.

Finnish tokens have not yet been eIDAS-notified. Therefore, the users of Finnish tokens cannot use the public administration services of other eIDAS countries yet.

The accessibility of Finnish public administration e-services

In Finland, e-identification is based on personal identification numbers which are also crucial for Finnish identification applications. Users of eIDAS identification do not have a Finnish identification number. Thus, all of the services available for Finnish users may not be initially accessible by people using eIDAS identification.