Healthcare CA services

The healthcare CA services provided by the Population Register Centre is a support service for KanTa services, facilitating reliable identification of healthcare professionals and electronic signature of patient documents and prescriptions. Strong electronic identification of individuals is vital for the data security and privacy protection of national healthcare information system services.

The Population Register Centre’s CA services issues smart cards and certificates for the healthcare sector. Healthcare smart cards include ID cards for regulated healthcare professionals, non-regulated healthcare workers and non-clinical healthcare sector staff and replacement ID cards for healthcare sector staff. Health care test cards are for testing various technical functionalities.

The Population Register Centre’s CA services also produces the server certificates for service providers, pharmacies and their IT service providers used by KanTa services.

The Vartti ordering and administration system is meant for the registration, ordering, production and life-cycle management of healthcare smart cards, certificates, replacement cards and their temporary certificates. Only registration personnel trained by the Population Register Centre may use Vartti. Using Vartti requires special access rights.

The certificate policies contain descriptions of the Population Register Centre’s policies and operating principles for issuing certificates.

Certificate policy documents include certificate policy, certificate procedure and certificate description.