Service certificates for social and healthcare organisations

The Population Register Centre’s CA services produces the server certificates for service providers, pharmacies and their IT service providers used by KanTa services.

How to apply -  online transactions

This requires registration with the Population Register Centre for all guests.
 During registration a user to set up The organization's transaction account, which he can invite other users in their organization or technical contact point. Registration requires strong user authentication. (Professional and Organizational cards come in service during the spring).

The applicant must complete transaction account information and assign the certificate request (CSR) file the application (or invites you to a technical co-operation partner's account to accompany the certificate)

The organization information will be used Kela and THL. Long the organization's name and request for a certificate in accordance with the national code service tag, which is for example the case of pharmacies is ...... ..

Web Transaction replace the current paper applications and procedures are based on PDF forms.

Period of validity

Sote period of validity of a server certificate may not exceed two (2) years.

Delivery time

The customer sees from his own account the processing steps.


  • Sote server certificate
  • Sote test server certificate
  • Sote system signature certificate
  • Sote test system signature certificate

Revocation of service certificates

A service certificate must be revoked if it is suspected that the certificate holder’s private key has been compromised. A certificate must also be revoked if it is no longer needed or its purpose changes. A revoked certificate cannot be reinstated.

The revocation request is submitted in the e-services. The mandatory information required for revoking the certificate is the serial number of the certificate.

  1. Log in to the e-services.
  2. Find the decision concerning the certificate you want to revoke in the “Issued permits and pending cases” list.
  3. Click the arrow symbol next to the “Open decision” icon and choose “Submit a certificate revocation request" / "Tee varmenteen sulkupyyntö”.
  4. Enter the serial number of the certificate, check the displayed information and send the revocation request.
  5. You will receive a notification in your email when the certificate has been revoked.

The certificate will be revoked within 24 hours after the revocation request has been sent.

For further information, contact vptuotanto(a)