Population Register Centre

The Population Register Centre promotes the digitalisation of society and electronic services in Finland. The uninterrupted and smooth operation of the entities that are our responsibility is vital for society.

We maintain and develop the most important data repository in Finland, the Population Information System, and provide information services based on the Population Information System for authorities and companies. We make every effort to respond to any feedback and questions concerning the disclosure and use of information without delay.

We are responsible for the provision of certified electronic services in Finland. The certificates we provide ensure safe and smooth electronic services and enable work in public administration and social welfare and healthcare.

We provide and develop Suomi.fi services for citizens, public administration and companies. The national service architecture formed by the services as a whole creates the preconditions for the implementation of the public electronic services and the digitalisation of Finnish society.

In duties related to elections, we are responsible for tasks such as the creation of the voting register and the registers of candidates, sending the notifications of eligibility to voters and the provision of the polling station service.

Through our activity we promote the protection of privacy and personal data as well as information security and the development of and compliance with good data processing and data management practices.

The Population Register Centre works in the Ministry of Finance’s branch of government. The agency’s facilities are located in Sörnäinen in Helsinki, and in Kokkola. The Population Register Centre employs a total of about 210 people.

Women comprise 57 per cent and men 43 per cent of the staff of the Population Register Centre, and 68 per cent of the employees hold a higher education degree. The agency was established in 1969.

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