Population Information System

The Finnish Population Information System is a computerised national register that contains basic information about Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing permanently in Finland. Also recorded is information about buildings, construction projects, residences and real estate. The Population Information System is the most-used basic register in Finland. Finland’s registration of population data is viewed internationally as being of a high standard.

The Population Information System is maintained by the Population Register Centre and local register offices. Registration of information is based on statutory notifications made by private individuals and public authorities. The information in the system is used throughout Finnish society’s information services and management, including in public administration, elections, taxation, judicial administration, research and statistics. Businesses and other private organisations can also gain access to the information.

Basic information related to the identification of people and buildings is registered in the Population Information System.

Personal data recorded in the system includes

  • name
  • personal identity code
  • address
  • citizenship
  • native language
  • family relations
  • date of birth and death (if applicable)

Building data registered includes

  • the building code
  • location
  • owner
  • area
  • facilities
  • network connections
  • intended use
  • year of construction

Real estate data registered includes the real estate unit identifier, owner’s name and address, and buildings located on the property.

Population registers have a long history in Finland, with population information having been registered since the 1530s.

Population Information System, Description of Data File

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