Organisation card

The Population Register Centre provides organisation cards for the use of organisations and communities. Certificates on organisation cards are referred to as organisation certificates.

Organisation certificates also enable creation of indisputable electronic signatures as defined by law and authentication of users of information networks and their access rights. Organisation certificates can also include an organisational e-mail address.

Typical applications of organisation certificates:

  • workstation login, identification for organisational information systems, remote login (VPN), single sign-on (SSO)
  • identification for joint public administration systems and services
  • electronic signature of various forms and applications in different roles
  • secure e-mail (e-mail encryption and electronic signature)

The layout, colours and logos of organisation cards can be designed to observe the general graphic image of the organisation. Organisation cards can be created with or without photographs. Different security measures, such as holograms and microprint, can be incorporated in cards. Smart cards can also be equipped with remotely read access control software (RFID).

Smart cards for healthcare and public administration – brochure.

Further information: varmennemyynti(at)