Electronic Identity and Certificates

The Population Register Centre creates an electronic identity for Finnish citizens when providing them with a personal identity code. The electronic client identifier is used for electronic user identification in secure online transactions. It is a dataset consisting of a series of numbers and a check character that helps identify Finnish citizens and, in accordance with the Municipality of Residence Act, foreign citizens permanently residing in Finland who are entered in the Population Information System.

The electronic client identifier is activated when a person receives a certificate card, utilising the Population Register Centre's Citizen Certificate, for instance an ID card. The Citizen Certificate is an electronic identity, which contains, among other information, a citizen’s first name, last name and an electronic client identifier.

The Population Register Centre's Citizen Certificate may be attached at the moment to the ID card which is issued by the Police. All lost or stolen identity cards must be reported to the Police. The Police can then cancel the card and revoke any associated Citizen Certificate.

Electronic transactions made with the Citizen Certificate are secure. The certificate is used for identifying, encrypting e-mails and documents and providing electronic signature. Electronically signed document is legally as binding and undisputed as a document with a traditional signature.

The Population Register Centre is currently the only so called Certificate Authority of qualified certificates in Finland that is able to issue Pan-European certificates, as specified by the Act and the relevant EU Directive, that provide high levels of information security and contain the correct identity. Every personal certificate issued by the Population Register Centre is a qualified certificate. More information about certificates is on Population Register Centre's extranet Eevertti.

In addition, a Card Reader Software can be downloaded here.


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