Data protection at the Population Register Centre

Data protection lies at the heart of the work of the Population Register Centre. The processing of personal data is mainly based on legislation.

The Population Register Centre produces services, certificate services and services linked to the Population Information System. In its production of these services, the Population Register Centre complies with the established rules on processing in the specific legislation on the service in question or the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or will comply with the Finnish Act on Data Protection when it has entered into force.

The following information relates to how personal data is processed in the context of each Population Register Centre service. More comprehensive and detailed information can be found in the privacy statements, which can be located centrally on the right side of the page.

The Population Register Centre’s key services that involve the processing of personal information: services

This service has information and services relating to public services for citizens and businesses at a single address. It provides, for example, official electronic services, forms, and information on municipal services.

Find out about the services for citizens

  • e-Identification
  • Authorisation
  • Web Service
  • Messages

Find out about the services for organisations (in Finnish)

  • Finnish Service Catalogue
  • Data Exchange Layer
  • Service Management

Certificate Services

The Population Register Centre provides certificate services for personal identification, signatures or message encryption. The authenticity of a website can also be secured with the help of a service certificate. Our services include the provision of certification, directory and revocation services, registration, and the creation and individualisation of a card that contains the certificate. The Population Register Centre is responsible for the functioning of the certificate system as a whole, including any registration authorities and technical suppliers it may use.

The individuals applying for a certificate provide information about themselves for the provision of the service. In connection with applications for a Citizen Certificate, the information is processed in the licence service of the Police. Applications for other personal certificates, organisation certificates, certificates for social and healthcare, and temporary certificates are submitted to the registration point of the organisation in question. 

The data processed in connection with certificate applications is stored in the certifying authority’s register, from which personal data is not disclosed to external parties apart from the statutory supervisory tasks of the authorities. In connection with personal certificates, the following data is stored in the public register with the person’s consent: first name, surname, and an electronic client identifier or some other unique identifier. The unique identifier cannot be the personal identity code, however.

The certification performed by the Population Register Centre is based on the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC.  The certificates issued by the Population Register Centre are trust services and means of strong electronic identification in accordance with the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures (617/2009).

More information can be found in the Population Register Centre’s privacy statements and on the website (e.g. documents concerning certificate policy). Enquiries about the data collected in connection with applications for a Citizen Certificate can be sent to tietopalvelu.poliisihallitus(at)

Population Information Services

The Population Register Centre and the local register offices together maintain the national service catalogue that is used most in Finland: the Population Information System. The Population Information System contains up-to-date information on Finnish citizens and foreign persons permanently resident in Finland. The system also has information on buildings, dwellings and property. The Population Information System is maintained to facilitate, implement and ensure society’s functions and information services as well as the rights and obligations of members of society. The information updated in the System is available to customers via various services.