Citizen Certificate

The Population Register Centre's Citizen Certificate may be attached at the moment to the ID card which is issued by the Police. The certificate is used for identifying, encrypting e-mails and documents and providing electronic signature. Electronically signed document is legally as binding and undisputed as a document with a traditional signature. Electronic transactions made with the Citizen Certificate are secure.

The Population Register Centre publishes the issued certificates in a public directory.

Certificate Policy Documents for the Citizen Certificate can be found here, only in Finnish: Kansalaisvarmenne G1 (Citizen Certificate on the ID card) and Kansalaisvarmenne G2 (Citizen Certificate on the ID card since 2014).


You can contact the Population Register Centre HelpDesk (Public Service Info) in issues related to the use of the ID card and e-services.

When you need help, please call Public Service Info, tel. 0600 9 6160 (local call charge/mobile charge), or send a question using e-mail.

Change the PIN-code

You can change the PIN-code using the Card Reader Software (only in Finnish: “PIN-tunnusluvun vaihtaminen”).

Lost or stolen identity card

All lost or stolen identity cards must be reported to the Police. The Police can then cancel the card and revoke any associated Citizen Certificate. You can revoke the Citizen Certificate by informing to the Revocation Service.

In addition, a Card Reader Software can be downloaded here.

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