Check Your Registered Data!

Description of the service

This service, provided free of charge by the Population Register Centre, allows you to check your personal details recorded in the Population Information System. The service allows you to check your existing personal details in the Population Information System, as well as any titles to real estate or buildings you may hold. You can also check your previous address data recorded in the Population Information System. Your other superseded details can be checked at the local register office.

In order to check your details, you will need either an ID card and a card reading device connected to your computer or Internet Bank access codes. Identification will be performed in VETUMA (electronic authentication and payment service for citizens).

The Population Information System

The Population Information System is one of the most central databases in Finland. It contains up-to-date information on all Finnish citizens as well as foreigners living permanently in Finland. In addition to personal details, the system also contains data on real estate, buildings and apartments. Hence, it serves modern society's varied needs for information.

The system is maintained by the Population Register Centre and the local register offices.

Right to check the personal data

According to Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, everyone is entitled to check his or her personal details entered in the personal data register. The registrar must let the registered person know the sources of the information entered in the register, as well as the intended purpose of the information and the parties having regular access to it.

Correcting the data

According to the Personal Data Act, the registrar is obliged to correct any incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or superseded information. The registrar must also prevent the circulation of such information in cases where it may compromise the registered person's protection of privacy or the person's rights.

By this service you can make a request to correct errors and omissions in your personal details.

Unfortunately, this service is only available in Finnish or in Swedish. The Finnish version can be found here.

You can also check your personal details in the Population Information System via a written request addressed to local register office. Please find the contact information of the local register offices:

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