Certificates - FINeID

FINeID stands for FINnish electronic IDentity. FINeID refers to electronic identification of individuals using digital certificates.

The Population Register Centre provides certificates for citizens, organisations and the health care sector. Certificates are needed for identification, encryption and electronic signatures in information networks. Conventional personal identification methods are not possible on online services.

The citizen certificate on the ID card issued by the police is the best-known certificate provided by the Population Register Centre. Other certificate products produced by the Population Register Centre include special smart cards, server and e-mail certificates for organisations and for the health care sector. The Population Register Centre also issues biometric signature certificates for travel documents, such as passports.

The Population Register Centre’s certification authority (CA) services are based on special legislation. The Act on the Population Information System and Certificate Services Provided by the Population Register Centre (661/2009) and the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures (617/2009) form the legislative basis for the certificate policy.

Certificate policies contain descriptions of the Population Register Centre’s policies and operating principles for issuing certificates.

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