performed very well in a recent European Commission study of digital public services.

14.12.2018 performed very well in the 2018 eGovernment Benchmark report, in which the European Commission surveyed the digital public services available across the region.

Spring Splash is coming once again – remember the date: 3 April 2019!


The Spring Splash Seminar, which is already a tradition of sorts, will next be held at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki on 3 April 2019.

New Service Locations mobile app helps clients find public sector service locations


The Population Register Centre and Cybercom have teamed up to develop an augmented reality mobile app to make it easier for citizens to use public sector services. The name of the app is “Service Locations (beta)”. This is the trial version of the service, which will in the future be included as part of the mobile app.

Mobile certificates are worth using – The rapid advance of digitalisation highlights the importance of trustworthy identification


The Population Register Centre has tendered the strong identification trust network for processing identification for public government digital services and made agreements with banks on the use of banking codes as an identification tool. Through these agreements, citizens will in future be able to sign into public government digital services using a mobile certificate or banking codes. In addition, it will be possible to sign into services using the Citizen Certificate on personal identity cards issued by the police. service will make managing of tax affairs increasingly flexible


Next year, you will get a notification in the Messages service as soon as the pre-completed tax return is available in the MyTax service. In the future, citizens will also be able to authorise another person to act on their behalf to manage their tax matters. This autumn, many companies have also used the authorisations, mandating their accounting firms to manage their tax matters and to file their payroll reports. Many authorities that are important for citizens and companies are taking the services into wider use. Therefore, the users of the services are also really beginning to benefit from the services available.

Väestörekisterikeskus edistää verkkopalveluiden saavutettavuutta – katso video!


The accessibility of web services is of great importance to the Population Register Centre. In this video, Project Manager Jani Ruuskanen and UX-Manager Mari Kervinen from the Population Register Centre explain how accessibility is considered in the development of services.

Government explores alternatives for electronic identification of citizens


The Ministry of Finance has asked the Population Register Centre to investigate whether the principles of strong identification of citizens are in need of reform. The investigation focuses on finding the most practical ways of implementing electronic identification for the public administration’s online services. At present, identification is based on online banking credentials, Mobile ID or an identity card.

Population Register Centre’s new website to be launched on June 18th


Population Register Centre’s new website,, is launched on the afternoon of June 18th. As a part of the overhaul, the PRC’s Eevertti extranet service will be merged with

Digital and Population Data Services Agency sets the direction for digitalisation and serves people in various phases of their lives


At the beginning of 2020, a new Digital and Population Data Services Agency (Finnish Digital Agency) will begin its operation in Finland. The agency will be created when the Population Register Centre, local register offices and the Development and Steering Unit for the Local Register Offices operating under the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland are merged into a single agency. In terms of administration, the agency will be built upon the foundation of the current Population Register Centre.

Finland's and Estonia's data exchange layers connected to one another on 7 February - the rapid exchange of information between the countries is now possible


Finland's Population Register Centre and the Republic of Estonia's Information System Authority have interconnected the two countries' data exchange layers X-Road and to one another. This will make it technologically possible to transfer data electronically over the Gulf of Finland between organisations that have joined the countries' data exchange layers. A data exchange layer is a uniform data transfer method for information systems and simplifies the exchange of information. The two authorities entered into an agreement on connecting the layers to one another at the end of 2016. online service is expanding: Comprehensive data bank and advisory service opens for companies

9.1.2018 online service’s company section is published. Now all data and advice relating to company formation and companies’ operations can be found in one place -’s company section will replace the previous Enterprise Finland web pages.

It is now possible to receive mail from the authorities electronically


On 15 December 2017, the Population Register Centre opened Messages, a new service intended for communication between the citizens and the authorities. This service is part of the Web Service.

Finland first in the world to enable acting on behalf of another person electronically in social and health matters


Finland is the first in the world to introduce the possibility for an adult to electronically authorise another person to transact business in social and health care matters. Acting on behalf of another person requires an electronic authorization for health care on the online service. South Savo community of municipalities for social and health services (ESSOTE) is the first organisation in which this is possible.

Population Register Centre of Finland works for more transparent digital world


Population Register Centre of Finland works with the MyData 2017 Conference as the Main Partner. It is a forum for stakeholders to share not only ideas and theories, but concrete benchmarks and best practices in infrastructure, in legislation, and in business solutions.

Finnish Immigration Service introduced e-Authorizations

sähköinen asiointi

As the first organisation in Finland, the Finnish Immigration Service has started using the e-Authorizations functionality, in which an employer can grant electronic powers of attorney allowing a person to act on the employer’s behalf in Enter Finland, the Immigration Service’s e-service channel.

Reaktor to provide expert services in the project to reform population information system

väestörekisteri väestötietojärjestelmä

The Population Register Centre has chosen Reaktor Innovations Oy (Reaktor) to provide architectural expert services in the Population Register Centre’s personal data reform project (HETI project). The procurement was carried out as a tendering process at EU level.

The Population Register Centre has selected Cybercom to develop and maintain the mobile apps for Messages


The Population Register Centre has selected Cybercom to develop and maintain the mo-bile apps for the Messages service. The four-year contract will run from 2017 to 2021, and it is worth approximately EUR 2 million. The project is part of the Ministry of Finance's National Architecture for Digital Services programme, which is being implemented by the Population Register Centre.

The international Porvoo Group will convene in Rome 25–26 May 2017: Electronic identity in a changing world

Certificate Electronic Identity International Cooperation PRC Porvoo Group

The international Porvoo Group will convene in Rome, Italy on 25 and 26 May 2017 to discuss and share information on issues related to electronic identity and safe web services. The theme of the conference is electronic identity in a changing world.

Porvoo 19 Conference in Rome on 25 - 26 May 2017

Certificate Electronic Identity International Cooperation PRC Porvoo Group

The 19h international Porvoo Group Conference will be held in Rome, Italy on 25 - 26 May 2017.

Cybercom key supplier to Finnish Population Register Centre


Cybercom Finland has won the tender competition for the Population Register Centre's project Roles & Authorisations for 2017-2021. The tender competition is based on the framework agreement of Hansel's IT consulting.

Population Register Centre’s online services now open


The Population Register Centre has improved its services for public administration, business and organisation customers. The most central authorisation and agreement processes between the Population Register Centre and its organisation customers have been made available electronically.

Population Register Centre and Police of Finland: New alternatives for applying for an identity card and changes to the use of the card


The new identity card act will enter into force on 1 January 2017. From that date, a Finnish citizen staying abroad can apply for an identity card at those Finnish embassies or consulates which provide passport services. The application should be filed at the embassy or consulate in person, it cannot be submitted electronically.

Population Register Centre’s new organisation to be introduced on 1 January 2017


The Population Register Centre (PRC) will introduce its new organisation from the beginning of 2017. The purpose of the organisation update is to support the implementation of the PRC’s new strategy.

Semantic artifial intelligence for Finnish government


Profium delivers semantic search engine, artificial intelligence and rule engine to enrich digital services.

Service maintenance on the websites on 25th October at 19.00 - 23.00 o'clock


Due to technical updates the Population Register Centre's website will be out-of-operation during Tuesday 25th October at 21.00 - 23.00 o'clock.

Source codes released to central components of X-Road used by Estonia and Finland


The source codes to central components of X-Road were published on 3 October 2016 under an MIT licence. The entire X-Road source code is now publicly available for anyone to use. X-Road is a secure integration solution developed in Estonia for information exchanges across the public Internet.

The Finnish National Data Exchange Layer and the Estonian X-tee shall be merged


The Finnish Population Register Centre and the Estonian Information System Authority (Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, RIA) have agreed today on merging their national data exchange layers, i.e. creating a confidential relationship between the Finnish and Estonian data exchange.

The Director General of the Population Register Centre leaves for pension


Hannu Luntiala, the longstanding Director General of the Population Register Centre, leaves for pension the 1st of November, 2016.

Finland's official total population was 5 487 308 at the end of 2015

PRC Tilastokeskus

Statistics Finland has published the official total population of Finland at the end of 2015

Correction to the instruction in Defence Forces’ letter to reservists to change personal data


The letter sent by Defence Forces to reservists includes a request to contact the Population Register Centre to correct one's name, occupation or address, if incorrect.

Finland's official total population was 5 471 753 at the end of 2014


Statistics Finland has published the official total population of Finland at the end of 2014

International Porvoo Group convenes in France 22–23 May 2014: European operators prepare for trust services for electronic transactions


The international Porvoo Group will convene in the technopole of Sophia Antipolis, France on 22–23 May 2014 to consider questions related to European electronic identity and safe online services.

Porvoo 18 Conference in France on 22 - 23 May 2014


The 18h international Porvoo Group Conference will be held in Sophia Antipolis, France on 22 - 23 May 2014.

Digital screen in Lintulahti tells Finnish population in real time


Changes in the Finnish population can now be seen on a digital screen in Lintulahti, Helsinki.