Information about Population Register Centre's website

The new visual appearance of the Population Register Centre's website was introduced in December 2013.

If you have any comments on the contents of our website, please send them to the Centre's Registry Office by using the e-mail address [email protected]. You may also use the feedback form on the website and select the subject area of your feedback. On the basis of the subject area, your feedback will be directed to the relevant person.

Processing of identification data

The website of the Population Register Centre is open to everyone and browsing does not require registration. Personal data on the users of the service enabling identification of individual users are not collected. However, where replies for questions and feedback are requested or when ordering brochures, e-mail addresses and other contact details are queried.

Statistical data is collected on the website in order to be able to improve the site. To be able to record visitors and their numbers, the website sends a cookie. Statistics on the use of the service, i.e., on the total number of visitors, the most popular pages, from what pages the visitors have entered the website and the exit page, country of origin, time of visit to the website and the browser used to access the site, are collected.

Identification data are recorded only for the sake of ensuring and developing the technical realization and use of the website.

If you use the feedback form, your externally visible IP address will be saved for the purpose of clearing up any potential errors or problems.

Technical recommendations

This website runs best on Internet Explorer version 10.0 or later and Firefox version 23 or later and Google Chrome. You can use any other modern browser if it supports css and HTML5. JavaScript, which must be supported by the browser and be chosen to be active, was used for the practical implementation of the website. If JavaScript is disabled in browser settings or the browser does not support JavaScript, the search and Zoom in/ Zoom out function will not be available.

Some documents available on the Centre's website, are published in pdf format. To view these documents you will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the Reader to your PC.


In addition to the navigation menu, you can search information by using a search, advanced search and dynamic sitemap. The search allows you to search all our pages for a string of characters entered in the search field. By using the advanced search form, you can limit your search by subject, date and page type.

Printing pages

At the bottom of pages, there is a Print text link with which you can print the contents of the current page without navigation. If you wish to print the entire page with navigation, you can use the browser's Print command. In this case it is advisable to choose the landscape option.

Links on our website

The internal links on the Population Register Centre's website open in the same browser window. The external links open in a new browser window.


In accordance with the Copyright Act (404/1961) as amended, the Population Register Centre or some other information producer mentioned in the document holds the copyright on the material published on this website. It is advised that those who wish to make use of the copyright material should contact the Population Register Centre's Communications Unit.

Legal information

While every effort is made to ensure the information is up-to-date, the Population Register Centre accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage resulting from possible errors in the content. Moreover, the Centre is not responsible for the materials produced by outside bodies although the website provides links to them, nor does the Centre accept responsibility for any damage resulting from breaks in information networks or other technical breakdowns.

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