The Population Register Centre provides information services to citizens as well as to government, businesses and other organisations on the basis of data contained in the Population Information System. The Population Information System is the most used national base register in Finland and it has been designed specifically to serve government information needs. It is also used for purposes such as academic research. The Population Register Centre produces services aimed at businesses and other organisations in cooperation with its partners. The Population Information System is used for purposes including updating of customer registers and direct marketing.

For secure e-transactions, the Population Register Centre creates an electronic identity for Finnish residents when providing them with a personal identity code. The electronic client identifier is used for electronic user identification in secure online transactions. It is activated when you get a card – such as an ID card – featuring the Citizen Certificate issued by the Population Register Centre.

The Population Register Centre does not process matters concerned with individual citizens’ personal information. Local Register Offices serve citizens with all matters connected with population register management – such as, for example, notifications of move, checking one's own information, correction or amendment of personal information, prohibitions on information disclosure and the issuing of certificates concerning individual citizens' information. You can also check your personal information on the Internet at no charge by using the Population Register Centre’s Check Your Registered Data! service.

The Population Register Centre is responsible for the Population Information System’s information service for the public authorities as well as for many companies. We try to respond as soon as possible to questions concerning the transfer and use of information as well as to feedback.